Not All Smart Phone Apps Are Created Equal

Not All Smart Phone Apps Are Created Equal For Home Automation and Security Systems?

It’s nice to have a security and home automation app on your smart phone but doesn’t it drive you crazy when you have multiple apps on your Smart Phone to control everything?

You have one app on your phone to open and close your garage door, or one to arm and disarm your alarm system or even to view your security cameras.

Pulsar Halo integrates your Home Automation and security system creating a command center from one app.

Here is just a few things you can control with the Pulsar Halo App and you can download it from itunes and google play store:

  • Arm and Disarm your Security System.
  • Look at your Security Cameras
  • Turn Lights On and Off
  • Lock and Unlock your door
  • Change your Thermostat

To learn more about Pulsar Halo and purchasing a Do It Yourself  Home Automation and Security System.

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