Helping Elderly With DIY Smart Home System

A PULSAR HALO Home Automation and Security System can be harnessed for a vital purpose -helping the elderly age at home.

Given the choice, most of us would prefer to live in our own homes as we grow older, living safely, independently and comfortably while our family knows that we are OK. Coupled with the fact that the number of Americans over the age of 65 is expected to double by the year 2030, and we have ourselves a huge population that can benefit from Smart Home technology.

PULSAR HALO is the Secured Smart Home System that has the potential to add years of independence, convenience and peace of mind to those who are aging at home.

PULSAR HALO is a virtual helping hand. Just as security sensors can alert homeowners to a possible intrusion from the outside, HALO can also detect changes in activity
patterns from inside the home that may indicate a crisis. For example, a sensor
placed on the refrigerator indicates that a person is accessing food and drink, or a
sensor on a medicine cabinet indicates whether medications are being taken on
schedule. Simplify basic household tasks. For seniors already accustomed to
using their Smart phones or the Amazon Echo, a HALO system offers new opportunities for convenience and home management. For example, seniors can easily turn off appliances or lights after getting comfortable on the couch with just a touch of a button or a voice command. We all forget things from time to time and as we grow older, many people experience this to a greater degree.
HALO can help you take immediate action remotely when forgetfulness occurs, such as leaving a coffee pot on, a garage door being left open or the front door unlocked.

Stay connected to family. Allow caregivers or family members to access your HALO system to allow them to remotely check in anytime through your live video feed. This way your loved ones will know you are napping when the phone goes unanswered rather than worry if you’re safe. You can also allow security and remote access control to provide home access to family members and loved ones.

Notifications will keep you on track and safe.
Our security sensors, smoke detectors and panic pendant along with professional 24/7 monitoring will provide greater peace of mind. In the event of a burglary, fire or medical emergency, your caregivers and loved ones can also receive immediate notifications in addition to the emergency authorities being dispatched to your location.

2 thoughts on “Helping Elderly With DIY Smart Home System”

  1. Jongabriel says:

    Haha thanks for the article my guy! Now more than ever, with everything going on in the world, we need to protect our loved ones as much as we can. I believe that with these devices, they’ll be able to ensure our elderly’s safety. this hits me hard, as I live with my grandparents. But, what’s the price for such products? 

    1. Shawn says:

      Hi Jon,
      Thanks for reaching out about our Pulsar Halo System. The base system is a onetime cost $199.00, you can visit to learn more about system options or feel free to join our mailing list on this site to see a couple videos about our system.

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